“No-Compromise” Security with Usability and Configuration Flexibility from Niagara Networks

As the internet landscape changes, Solutions4ebiz strives to keep you ahead with what you need for network operations, efficiency, customer service, security … and profitability. With Niagara Networks, Solutions4ebiz has added the industry-leading line of Network Bypass Switches, Network Packet Brokers, and TAPs to our offerings.

Niagara Networks is a Network Visibility industry leader, with emphasis in 1/10/40/100 Gigabit systems. Their products optimize network monitoring systems, IPS, IDS, UTM, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security technologies. Two featured products are listed below. For additional products and configuration options, please contact us.

Niagara Networks Active Bypass Solutions

Network downtime is a customer service and operational efficiency killer. Whether it’s an unplanned outage due to failed equipment or a planned bypass for system upgrades, the faster and more seamlessly your network can transition in and out of bypass mode, the better.

The Niagara 2294 Intelligent Active Bypass Switch is a Low Cost, Compact form factor Gigabit Ethernet External Active Bypass Switch that enables plug-and-play connectivity, includes an auto heartbeat, and does not require additional drivers to be installed on connected appliances. The 2294 detects outages of attached in-line appliances in 3 microseconds and automatically reroutes traffic to maintain network connectivity. Traffic continues to flow through the network link, but is no longer routed through the in-line device. You can remove, repair, or replace the in-line device without network downtime or packet loss. When the in-line appliance is back online, network traffic is diverted back to it allowing it to resume normal functioning.

Highlights of Niagara Networks 2294 Active Bypass Switch

  • Active switching of traffic in case of system failure
  • Passive Bypass (critical during power loss)
  • Plug and play
  • Fail safe operation
  • 10/100/1000 TX (Copper), SC Gigabit (Multi mode), and LX Gigabit (Single mode) support
  • Copper and Fiber deployment options
  • SNMP traps on defined events
  • NTP and Time Zone
  • Full RoHS compliance certification
  • FCC Class A, CE, UL certification

Niagara Networks Modular 2847 Family of Network Packet Brokers

Whether you need flexibility the ability to purchase-as-you-grow, or require port density and optimization throughput, Niagara Network’s Modular and Fixed-Configuration Network Packet Brokers fit the bill. Niagara Network’s NextGen Network Packet Broker handle TAP, Bypass and NPB functionality.

The modular 2847 family of Network Packet Brokers provides configuration flexibility with multiple 100-Gigabit capable bays. Just a few simple steps can give you hundreds of combinations of network connectivity and Bypass and TAP functionality: 1 – Select chassis configuration, 2 – Select modules, 3 – Add or change modules as needed.

Highlights of Niagara Networks Packet Broker

Highly Flexible Configuration

  • 1, 10, 40, 100 GbE support
  • 8 user-configurable bays
  • Maximum port density – 82 ports

Multipurpose Optical TAP Platform

  • High-density TAP platform for optical networks running different media types
  • Combines high network TAP density, network visibility capabilities, and bypass features to create a flexible, one-stop connectivity solution

Fault Tolerance

  • Fail-safe inline appliance monitoring
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies

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