High Availability, Scaleable, Self-Healing Systems from Scale Computing

Solutions4ebiz brings the knowledge and experience of running a hosting business and doing large-scale application development to being a reseller of Scale Computing Hyperconverged appliances. To properly size a Scale Cluster, you not only need the knowledge of what is running today, but what the future might hold. Implementing a cluster is more than just purchasing the appliances and unboxing them. Properly implementing a cluster requires network planning, analysis of the database I/O, and many other potential pitfalls that Solutions4ebiz addresses in the sales process. In some cases, it might even make sense to utilize a hybrid private cloud approach and host the cluster in our racks.

The starting price for Scale Clusters make it one of the most affordable high availability solutions in the marketspace. At just $25,500 for a starter 3 node cluster, any small- or medium-sized business with five or more servers is a candidate for Scale Clusters and can justify the cost when compared to single server replacement.

The typical approach for any new cluster customer is to run the DPACK review software on your existing servers to outline the needed capacity and performance. It is a simple process to run the DPACK review software on each replaceable server. The output from the DPACK software produces an I/O kit that is interpreted into the needed cluster size.

Benefits of Scale Computing

  • Ultra simple virtualization
  • Install and manage with dramatically less time and resources
  • Faster response to business issues
  • High availability reduces downtime
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • No incremental Software licenses
  • Lower support costs
  • “Data Center in a Box” when paired with compatible switches

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